All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so let’s not behave like Jack and have some fun along with your work in this life.
We all have certain passions and creativity hidden somewhere deeper in self-made cage of shyness.

We at ChaGayeGuru serve you an opportunity to show your unique shine to this global universe and live the life you dreamt of. You don’t know what certain talent could be the next viral sensation. instead of keeping it to yourselves let’s show it to an audience to get what you deserve; a great love, support as well as the critical suggestion from other regions waiting to become your dedicated fan or/and follower.

Don’t just hide your talent in your phone or in your heart. Give chance to yourself and sing, dance, mimic, act do whatever you want to and don’t wait for people to notice you in fact make people your follower on ChaGayeGuru.

How Does ChaGayeGuru Do This

What you need is, just have an account on ChaGayeGuru and start showing your unique talent in form of videos. It could be singing, nursery rhymes to Bollywood songs, dance performance on classics or moon walk at Mikal Jackson's track. You just think about your unique abilities and believe us ChaGayeGuru have platform for it.

You can not only upload but also can map your existing videos on other platforms such as Facebook videos and can save time and efforts in uploading again on portal.

CGG also lists out top list of talent video basis on different parameters like Art, Location, Region, Review, Comments, and Recommendations etc. If any particular video comes in that list, it gets more responses and attention thousands of other users/visitors.

We also do organize many events in various cities for different talent which includes road shows, competitions, auditions etc. We give platform not just for your talent, for your dreams too.

It’s not only to get your dreams come true but also a lot at your tips like your favorite movie, event, or a show in your city.

Oh yes and no if you have certain queries or suggestions for us, we welcome you at CGG to send us through your mail/review or call us. CGG is not just another portal but a family of talents helping each other to grow and shine high like stars which we mean literally.